AWGCME Seminar on UNCLOS and the Protection of the Coastal and Marine Environment

Following the 16th Meeting of the ASEAN Working Group on the Coastal and Marine Environment (AWGCME), CIL Director Robert Beckman, CIL Global Associate Captain J Ashley Roach and CIL Senior Research Fellow Youna Lyons were invited to address members of the AWGCME, together with invited representatives of Singapore government agencies, at a seminar held on 10 June 2015 in Singapore, on issues under UNCLOS and other international legal frameworks governing the protection of the coastal and marine environment. As the Designated Resource Persons at the seminar, Professor Beckman made a presentation on ‘Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)’, Captain Roach made a presentation on ‘Access-Benefit Sharing Scheme for Marine Genetic Resources in areas beyond National Jurisdiction’ and Ms Lyons made a presentation on 'Prioritisation and the Protection of Sea-Space'. To view the Agenda, click here. To view the presentations, click here.

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2015 ATRS World Conference
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2015 Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship Award
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Research & Publications

Transboundary Pollution: Evolving Issues of International Law and Policy
Edited by Prof S. Jayakumar, Prof Tommy Koh, Assoc Prof Robert Beckman, Dr Hao Duy Phan
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015
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  • Commentary | By: Prof Tommy Koh
    “The Asian way to settle disputes” pdf-icon-small PDF
  • Commentary | By: CIL Director Robert Beckman
    “China and ‘might makes right’ at sea” pdf-icon-small PDF
  • Monograph | By: Lynn Kuok
    “Tides of Change: Taiwan’s evolving position in the South China Sea” pdf-icon-small PDF
  • Commentary | By: Youna Lyons & Wong Hiu Fung
    “South China Sea: Turning Reefs into Artificial Islands?” pdf-icon-small PDF
  • Book Chapter | By: Michael Ewing-Chow & James Losari
    “Which is to be the Master? Extra-Arbitral Interpretative Procedures for IIAs”

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20th Anniversary of Rhodes Academy
CIL Research Fellow (Non-Resident) Tara Davenport gave a presentation on ‘Submarine Cables in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction’. MORE »
CIL’s Prof Beckman, Capt J Ashley Roach and Youna Lyons were invited to address members of the AWGCME at a seminar. MORE »
Meeting of States Parties to UNCLOS
CIL Senior Research Fellow Youna Lyons was invited as a presenter in a side event they organised on UNCLOS. MORE »
Conference on EU and the Arctic
CIL Research Fellow Dr Zhen Sun participated in the Conference on ‘The European Union and the Arctic’ on 29-30 May 2015. MORE »
RSIS-WTO Parliamentarian Workshop
A/P Michael Ewing-Chow was invited to share Singapore’s experience in trade facilitation at the RSIS-WTO Parliamentarian Workshop. MORE »
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