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1977 Agreement on ASEAN Preferential Trading Arrangements signed on 24 February 1977 in Manila, the Philippines by the Foreign Ministers

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Summary Information
Full Title: 1977 Agreement on ASEAN Preferential Trading Arrangements signed in Manila, the Philippines on 24 February 1977
Short Title / Abbreviations: PTA
CIL Subject Classification: ASEAN Economic Community/ASEAN Economic MinistersASEAN Political-Security Community/ASEAN Foreign Ministers
Date of Adoption: 24 February 1977
Place of Adoption: Manila, Philippines
Issued/Adopted by: Signed by Foreign Ministers
Dispute Settlement: Article 14: Any matter affecting the implementation of the Agreement shall be settled by consultations among the Contracting States; if no satisfactory adjustment is effected within 60 days of a request for consultation, the matter may be referred to the ASEAN Committee on Trade and Tourism which shall consult with the Contracting States concerned and arrive at a mutually acceptable solution. Where the circumstances are serious enough a Contracting States may temporarily suspend the application of the concession to the Contracting State/States concerned until a mutually satisfactory solution is arrived at. 

Also a covered agreement in the 2004 Protocol on Enhanced Dispute Settlement Mechanism and Article 24.3 of the 2007 ASEAN Charter which provides that “[w]here not otherwise specifically provided, disputes which concern the interpretation or application of ASEAN economic agreements shall be settled in accordance with the [2004] ASEAN Protocol on Enhanced Dispute Settlement Mechanism

Depository: ASEAN Secretary-General
Annexes: Annex 1: Rules of Origin for the ASEAN Preferential Trading ArrangementsAnnex 2: Operational Certification Procedures for the Rules of Origin of the ASEAN Preferential Trading Arrangements
Status: Superseded
Date of Entry into Force/Termination: 25 August 1977Superseded by 2009 ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement
Entry into Force/Termination Provisions: Article 17: This Agreement shall enter into force on the 30th day after the deposit of the Fifth Instrument of Ratification.
Status of Parties (Source: ASEAN Secretariat, as of Date)(s)=signed, (r)=ratified, (a)=acceded, (ac)=accepted, (n)=notified, (ap)=approved
Brunei Darussalam (a)Cambodia

Indonesia (r)


Malaysia (r)


Philippines (r)

Singapore (r)

Thailand (r)

Viet Nam

Related Instruments
Protocols / Amendments: 1987 Protocol on Improvements on Extension of Tariff Preferences under the ASEAN Preferential Trading Arrangements1995 Protocol to Amend the Agreement on ASEAN Preferential Trading Arrangements

Superseded by 2009 ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement

Amending / Superseding:
Related Instruments: 1987 Memorandum of Understanding on Standstill and Rollback on Non-Tariff Barriers Among ASEAN Countries
Additional Information
Additional Information: 1. Meeting attended by Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.2. Acceded by Brunei Darussalam on 08 December 1987
Link to Text (External): http://agreement.asean.org/media/download/20140119163517.pdf (Accessed on 3 September 2014)
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