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CIL-MPA Workshop Ocean Governance & International Shipping

CIL-MPA Workshop Ocean Governance & International Shipping 21 April 2017
In 2016, the Centre for International Law (CIL) received a three-year research grant from the Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) supported by the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) to establish the CIL-MPA Oceans Governance Research Programme. CIL hosted a half-day workshop on 21 April 2017 for interested partners and stakeholders to contribute to the discussions on research activities and findings under the CIL-MPA Research Programme. The workshop was opened by Professor Tommy Koh and featured a keynote speech by Mr Koji Sekimizu, and discussions were led by Associate Professor Robert C Beckman and Captain J Ashley Roach. The workshop was attended by over 40 participants from academia, shipping industries and the government. For more information on the workshop and presentations, click here.

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