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LEE Jae Woon
PhD Candidate & Research Scholar, NUS Faculty of Law

Telephone: (65) 8360 9342
E-mail: ljw@nus.edu.sg

Lee Jae Woon is a PhD candidate and research scholar at NUS Faculty of Law. His research focuses on air transport liberalization with a particular emphasis on Northeast Asia.

Prior to joining the doctoral programme, he worked at Korean Air Legal Department for 7 years and his works mainly focused on advising on liability and regulatory issues and handling antitrust cases. Also, he was a lecturer in aviation law at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea.

Jae Woon has been a consultant to the Korean Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) on aviation law and policy. He was a legal advisor to the Korean delegation in the UN ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Legal Committee Meetings in 2012 and 2013.

He has published several articles in the area of aviation law and policy and submitted working papers to UN ICAO Diplomatic Conference and Legal Committee Meetings. His paper co-authored with Joseph Wheeler won the 2nd Prize in the 2012 European Air Law Association annual legal essay competition.


LLM (McGill), LLB (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Master in Air Transport (Korea Aerospace University)


  • Academic Advisor, International Aviation Administration Program, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Research Interests

  • Public International Air Law
  • Private International Air Law
  • Aviation Policy
  • Public International Law

Selected Publications

  1. “Revisiting Freedom of Overflight in International Air Law: Minimum Multilateralism in International Air Transport” Vol 38, Issue 4/5 Air & Space Law, Kluwer Law International (2013)
  2. “Chapter 14: Regional Liberalization in Northeast Asia (China, Korea, and Japan)” in AIR TRANSPORT IN THE ASIA PACIFIC (London: Ashgate Publishing, 2014) (forthcoming)
  3. “The Need for Modernization of the Tokyo Convention (1963) on the issue of Unruly Passengers and the Inadequacy of Korean Domestic Legal Approaches” co-authored with Bae, Jong-In, Vol.27 No.1, Korean Journal of Air and Space Law 3-27 (2012)
  4. “Air Carrier Liability for Delay: A Plea to Return to International Uniformity” co- authored with Joseph Wheeler, Vol.77, Issue 1 Journal of Air Law and Commerce, Southern Methodist University School of Law 43-103 (2012)
  5. “The Regime of Compensable Damage in the Modernized Rome Conventions: A comparison between article 3 of the general risks convention of 2009 and article 17 of the Montreal convention of 1999”, XXXV Annals of Air & Space Law 213-230 (2010)