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Karsten von HOESSLIN
Senior Analyst, Risk Intelligence

E-mail: kvh@riskintelligence.eu


Karsten von Hoesslin is a Senior Analyst with Risk Intelligence and retained for Asia Pacific intelligence analysis. Additionally, Karsten is a Response Consultant and Special Investigator with BridgeWingSolutions based out of Singapore. Karsten specialises in behavioural profiling and is certified in crisis intervention and tactical hostage negotiation and trained/certified in the Reid Technique of interviewing & interrogation, debriefings, psychological first aid, as well as surveillance and field intelligence gathering.

Karsten is also specialised in a particular form of response. In addition to crisis negotiation, he is recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh as a remote environment advanced life support medic, as an immediate psychological first aid responder and de-briefer, as an accredited traumatic incident reduction facilitator for PTSD cases, as a crime scene investigator and trained in media relations and handling.

Since 2004, Karsten has consulted extensively on Somali piracy & maritime security issues within South East Asia, specialising in HUMINT, field intelligence gathering & in the investigation of syndicated criminal organisations, piracy & trafficking (arms, drugs, & human) trends & tactics. Karsten has identified a number of syndicates operating in South East Asia & located “hijacked” & other vessels involved in criminal activities. Karsten is also specialised in fraud investigations.

Karsten remains active in the policy community with the UNODC, Interpol, & the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific (CSCAP)’s maritime security working group & transnational crime working group. He has also represented CSCAP as a delegate at the ASEAN Regional Forum. Karsten also regularly interacts with a number of national law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Karsten is currently engaged in a post-incident response initiative examining psychological first aid & debriefing techniques for seafarers as well as reinforcing private and public sector cooperation in forensics & criminal investigations. He is also assisting SCI’s Piracy Trauma Study & has been liaising with leading psychologists working on piracy post-release treatment options & conducting crew debriefings.