Centre for International Law


About CIL

CIL was established as a university-level research institute at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2009 in response to the growing need for international law thought leadership and capacity-building in the Asia-Pacific region. CIL works closely with the NUS Faculty of Law and is located within the Faculty’s premises at the NUS Bukit Timah Campus.

Mission and Vision

The mission of CIL is to enable Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region to play a more significant role in the promotion and development of international law. CIL’s vision is to become a regional intellectual hub and thought leader for research on and teaching of international law.

Management and Staff

The director of the Centre is Professor Lucy Reed. Click on the following links to learn more about CIL Research staff and CIL Admin staff.

Focus Areas

The Centre focuses on international law relevant to the region, including ocean law and policy, ASEAN law and policy, trade and investment law and policy and international dispute resolution. For more information about CIL’s focus areas, together with its Other Research Areas and Outreach, click here. For information on the publications of the CIL research staff in these focus areas, click here.

Programmes and Activities

CIL engages in research and training, as well as consultancy on key international law and policy developments. The Centre also organises conferences, workshops and seminars on international legal issues that have an impact on Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. CIL collaborates closely with a network of established partner and stakeholder organisations in Singapore and overseas to further the development of international law thought leadership in the region. For more information on CIL’s training programmes, click here. For more information on CIL’s events and activities, click here.

CIL Database of ASEAN and International Law Documents

The Centre also makes available to the public, at no cost, the CIL Database of ASEAN and International Law Documents by way of the CIL website, which includes over 500 ASEAN documents and 300 International Law documents. The Database is an excellent resource for researchers and officials seeking regional and international legal instruments. To access the Database, click here.