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2007 Singapore Declaration on Climate Change, Energy and the Environment

CIL Subject Classification
Date of Adoption 21/11/2007
Place of Adoption Singapore, 3rd East Asia Summit (EAS)
Issued/Adopted by Heads of State/Government of the Member Countries of the ASEAN, Australia, People’s Republic of China, Republic of India, Republic of Korea and New Zealand
Entry Into Force Status Not Applicable
ASEAN States
Brunei Darussalam Signature 21/11/2007
Cambodia Signature 21/11/2007
Indonesia Signature 21/11/2007
Lao PDR Signature 21/11/2007
Malaysia Signature 21/11/2007
Myanmar Signature 21/11/2007
Philippines Signature 21/11/2007
Singapore Signature 21/11/2007
Thailand Signature 21/11/2007
Viet Nam Signature 21/11/2007
Other Country Australia    Signature - 21 November 2007
People's Republic of China    Signature - 21 November 2007
Republic of India    Signature - 21 November 2007
Japan    Signature - 21 November 2007
Republic of Korea    Signature - 21 November 2007
New Zealand    Signature - 21 November 2007
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