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2010 Memorandum of Understanding on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ Air Services Engagement with Dialogue Partners

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2010 MOU on ASEAN Air Services Engagement with Dialogue Partners

CIL Subject Classification
Date of Adoption 12/11/2010
Date of Adoption Comment Thailand signed this agreement separately on 13 January 2011
Place of Adoption Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, 16th ASEAN Transport Ministers’ (ATM) Meeting
Issued/Adopted by Transport Ministers of ASEAN
Dispute settlement provisions

This Agreement does not contain specific provisions on dispute settlement. It can be considered to be one of the “future economic agreements” included in the ‘Covered Agreements’ pursuant to Article 1.1 of the 2004 ASEAN Protocol on Enhanced Dispute Settlement Mechanism.


Secretary-General of ASEAN

Entry Into Force Status In Force

ASEAN Secretariat

Date of Entry into Force


Entry into Force / Termination Provisions

Paragraph 7:

“This MOU shall enter into force once all ASEAN Member States have notified the Secretary-General of ASEAN in writing of their completion of internal formalities. The date of entry into force for this MOU shall be the date the last written notification is received. The Secretary-General of ASEAN shall notify ASEAN Member States of the entry into force of this MOU. The MOU shall enter into provisional effect upon signature for ASEAN Member States where their internal formalities permit.”

ASEAN States (Source:

ASEAN Secretariat

as of 17/04/2019)
Brunei Darussalam Signature 12/11/2010
Notification 09/04/2013
Cambodia Signature 12/11/2010
Notification 12/08/2013
Indonesia Signature 12/11/2010
Notification 24/03/2014
Lao PDR Signature 12/11/2010
Acceptance 22/11/2011
Malaysia Signature 12/11/2010
Notification 24/06/2011
Myanmar Signature 12/11/2010
Notification 10/08/2011
Philippines Signature 12/11/2010
Ratification 18/01/2012
Singapore Signature 12/11/2010
Notification 19/05/2011
Thailand Signature 13/01/2011
Notification 13/09/2011
Viet Nam Signature 12/11/2010
Approval 29/11/2011
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2007 ASEAN-China Aviation Cooperation Framework

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Note Paragraph 6:

“The provisions of this MOU shall apply to all existing and future ASEAN-wide air services agreements and/or implementing protocols as well as to all existing and future air services agreements and/or implementing protocols between ASEAN and its Dialogue Partners.”

The ASEAN Secretariat maintains a register of ASEAN ratifications of ASEAN-wide air services agreements as stipulated in paragraph 5 of this instrument. 

Dates of ratification and accession given above were obtained from the ASEAN Secretariat’s Legal Instruments website and its electronic collection of instruments of ratification, accession and notification. Some of the dates given appear to be the dates of execution of the instruments of ratification/accession, rather than their date of receipt by the depository.