Nuclear Matters Ep 0: Introduction to Nuclear Law and Policy - A New Focus for CIL

CIL Head of Nuclear Law and Policy, Denise Cheong, provides an overview of how and why nuclear law and policy became a new focus area at CIL and introduces “Nuclear Matters at CIL”


Lecture: Extended Continental Shelf Claims in the South China Sea

Assoc Prof Robert Beckman, Head of Ocean Law and Policy Programme at CIL, lectures about sovereignty and maritime disputes in the South China Sea. He particularly focuses on the extended continental shelf submissions in the South China Sea and responses from other littoral states.

e-Conference: Investment and Dispute Settlement in Post COVID-19 World?

Session 4 of 5 of CIL's e-Conference series "COVID-19: A Challenge to the International Legal Order?"

This session discussed the challenges that the pandemic presents for states’ investment policies and their potential exposure to investment claims, as well as for the international arbitration community. The speakers emphasised the importance of investment facilitation to attract FDI and underscored the critical role of good regulatory practices and investment aftercare in an effort by states to safeguard against future investment claims. The speakers also addressed the changes that the pandemic has brought, and is likely to bring, in the way international dispute settlement is conducted.

Moderator: Ms Loretta Malintoppi (Counsel and Arbitrator, 39 Essex Chambers), Panelists: Ms Anna Novik (Head of Investment Division, OECD) Prof Jansen Calamita (Head, Investment Law & Policy, CIL) Ms Sylvie Tabet (General Counsel, Trade Law Bureau, Government of Canada) Dr Romesh Weeramantry (Head, International Dispute Resolution, CIL)

Recorded live on Zoom on 14 May 2020. Please note that connection issues during live recording resulted in a small degree of audio distortion.

eConference: International Trade and Investment Law in the Post-COVID-19 World?

Session 3 of CIL's e-Conference series on "COVID-19: A Challenge to the International Legal Order?"

This panel discussed how states, the WTO and regional cooperation arrangements can address a growing need for e-Commerce regulations and supply chain diversification, while ensuring the free flow of goods and services in the response to COVID-19. The speakers underscored the importance of transparency and international cooperation in responding to the crisis while addressing equitable access and sustainability concerns.

Moderator: Ms Mary Elizabeth Chelliah (MTI Singapore), Opening speaker: Singapore Deputy Attorney-General Lionel Yee, Panellists: Prof. Gabrielle Marceau (WTO), Tan Sri Dato' Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria (APEC) and Mr Derek Loh (AGC Singapore).

Recorded live on Zoom on 13 May 2020.


e-Conference: International Law and the Clash of Rights

Session 2 of CIL's e-Conference series on "COVID-19: A Challenge to the International Legal Order?"

This panel addressed current and future responses to global pandemics, and engaged in a wide-ranging discussion on the rights dimension of movement controls, surveillance, port closures, responses by international institutions and the interaction of different regimes under international law.

Moderator: Director-General Daphne Hong, Singapore Attorney-General's Chambers, Opening speaker: Professor Simon Chesterman,  Speakers: Professor Robert Beckman, Professor Photini Pazartzis and Ambassador Mahmoud Hmoud

Recorded live on Zoom on 6 May 2020.