One Health and International Law

The ‘One Health’ concept recognizes that human, animal, and environmental health are interlinked, and as such calls for interdisciplinary integration and cross-sectoral cooperation. One Health covers matters such as the prevention of zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and food security. The Covid-19 pandemic has displayed the critical importance of a One Health approach, yet the approach remains largely underdeveloped in prevailing international legal frameworks. The purpose of this panel is to discuss the concept of One Health, its status under prevailing international law and governance, and to address desired reforms, such as the possibility of including a One Health approach in a future pandemic treaty.

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Keynote lecture for the opening of the ASEAN Law Academy Advanced Programme 2022 delivered by Professor Tommy Koh. Moderated by Chan Sze-Wei.

Recorded live on Zoom on 8 February 2022.