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  • 8-9 February 2017
    CIL Senior Research Fellow Youna Lyons was invited as a speaker to the 9th ASEAN Regional Forum Inter-sessional Meeting on Maritime Security (ARF ISM on MS), held in Tokyo on 8-9 February 2017. Her presentation was titled 'Developing Cooperative Mechanisms for the Management of the Marine Environment in the South China Sea' and can downloaded here.
  • 6-7 February 2017
    CIL Senior Research Fellow Youna Lyons was invited as an expert speaker at the 3rd Meeting of the CSCAP Study Group on Marine Environmental Protection, held in Tokyo on 6-7 February 2017. Her presentation was titled 'Establishing MPAs in the Region: Some Considerations' and can be downloaded here.
  • 14-15 November 2016
    Professor Robert Beckman, Head of CIL's Ocean Law and Policy Programme, participated in the 8th South China Sea International Conference organised by the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, which was held on 14-15 November 2016 in Nha Trang, Viet Nam. Professor Beckman chaired a panel session on 'Mechanisms for Managing South China Sea Tensions' and made a presentation in the panel session on The Arbitral Award and Legal Implications for the Claims of Parties in the South China Sea. His presentation was entitled 'The New Status Quo and Prospects for Cooperation in the South China Sea'. To see his PowerPoint presentation, click here.
  • 10 November 2016
    The CIL Ocean Law and Policy team participated in the panel discussion on the marine environment chaired by Professor Robert Beckman at the 20th Anniversary Celebrations of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law (APCEL), held at the National University of Singapore on 10 November 2016. The theme of the conference was 'Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals - Environmental Law, Policy and Management'. The panel made the following three (3) presentations: (1) 'The International Legal Framework for the Protection and Sustainable Use of Marine Biological Diversity' by CIL Senior Research Fellow Ms Youna Lyons (2) 'International Law and the Protection of the Giant Clams in the South China Sea' by CIL Research Fellow Ms Denise Cheong (3) 'IMO Measures to Protect Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction - The Sargasso Sea' by CIL Research Fellow Dr Sun Zhen.
  • 7-11 November 2016
    CIL Senior Research Fellow Mr Anthony Wetherall participated in the 22nd Biennial Congress of the International Nuclear Law Association (INLA). Mr Wetherall presented on the 'Future Deployment of Transportable Nuclear Power Plants: Legal and Regulatory Issues and Challenges', as jointly prepared by Mr Wetherall and Research Fellow Ms Denise Cheong based on ongoing research as part of the ESI-CIL Nuclear Governance Project. The Congress is a leading international conference on legal issues relating to peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The conference was held from 7 to 11 November 2016 and hosted by the Nuclear Law Association in New Delhi, India. To download Mr Wetherall's presentation, click here.