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Challenges for Arctic Marine Transport and the Northern Sea Route by Dr Lawson W. BRIGHAM, Distinguished Fellow and Faculty, University of Alaska Fairbanks
23 February 2017 | CIL Seminar Series

Profound changes in Arctic sea ice are providing greater marine access and potentially longer seasons of navigation. However, the primary driver of Arctic marine transport early in the 21st century is Arctic natural resource development. This was... Read more...
What Explains Claimants' Low Success Rate in Investor-State Disputes? by Kryzysztof J. PELC, William Dawson Scholar and Associate Professor, McGill University
22 February 2017 | CIL Seminar Series

The treatment of foreign investment has become among the most controversial issues in global governance. A host of major trade agreements are currently in jeopardy over... Read more...
Russia's Coastal State Jurisdiction over the Arctic Northern Sea Route by Jan Jakub Solski, PhD Research Fellow, K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea
21 February 2017 | CIL Seminar Series

During the seminar, Jan Jakub Solski confronted Russia's practice in regulating shipping on the NSR with the rules of the law of the sea. Read more...