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Catastrophic Nuclear Accidents: Procedural Implications of the Handling of Mass Tort Claims in a Transboundary Context by Professor Gunther Handl
6 Jul 2017 | Joint Seminar

The processing of claims for compensation following any nuclear accident poses notoriously difficult challenges. They are particularly severe, however, in a catastrophic accident situation entailing mass tort claims and, especially so, in a transboundary context. Read more...
Dissenting Opinions and the Design of International Courts and Tribunals by Catharine TITI
15 Jun 2017 | CIL Seminar Series

Dissenting opinions are a regular feature of most international courts and tribunals. The International Court of Justice (ICJ)-and its predecessor, the Permanent Court of International Justice (PCIJ)-the International Tribunal for Read more...
Comparative Law Issues in International Criminal Law by Judge Raul Pangalangan
24 May 2017 | CIL Seminar Series

International criminal tribunals are not just another enforcement regime to promote human dignity. They change the ball game rather fundamentally, and entail a shift from state responsibility to individual criminal responsibility. Read more...