Centre for International Law

Past Event – CIL Working Conference on Conciliation: What is it and When Might it be a Useful Method of Dispute Settlement for States?

17-18 January 2017 | International Conference

The Centre for International Law (CIL) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) is embarking on a study of alternative dispute settlement for disputes involving States, focusing on conciliation. To this end, CIL is holding a Working Conference (Conference) over 1.5 days, bringing together a small group of international law practitioners and academics to discuss conciliation as a method of resolving disputes involving States. One of the key objectives of the Conference is to identify the potential and suitability of conciliation in resolving such disputes, against the backdrop of CIL’s ongoing research on different forms of alternative dispute resolution. The Conference aims to identify and discuss important topics for CIL’s future work in international dispute resolution. [Programme]