Centre for International Law

ASEAN Integration Through Law Project

Co-Directors and General Editors: Professor Joseph Weiler (NYU Law School) and Dr Tan Hsien-Li (NUS Law School).

In 2009, a major research project on ASEAN legal integration, entitled “Integration through Law: The ASEAN Way in a Comparative Context – The Role of Law and Rule of Law in Asian Legal Integration” was undertaken at the Centre for International Law (CIL) of the National University of Singapore (NUS). The project features more than 80 scholars from ASEAN countries and experts with comparative experience from other regions of the world. One of the key objectives of this project is to make a decisive and long-lasting contribution to the understanding of ASEAN and its strong commitment to the rule of law both within the ASEAN region and in the world, especially in light of its ASEAN Charter undertakings. At the conceptual level, the project develops a prolegomena for an Asian Theory of Integration that, whilst informed by, is not just a crude cut-and-paste of, the experience of other regions. At the functional level the project provides a rich tool kit, based on comparative experiences, of legal and institutional methods and tools (each offering pros and cons) at the disposal of, inter alia, policymakers, as ASEAN charts its way ahead.

The ITL project will also produce teaching modules/curricula at both university and practitioner levels (e.g. public officials, lawyers, business people, et al.).