Centre for International Law

IV. ASEAN and Human Rights

(Tan Hsien-Li, Alison Duxbury)

This monograph deals with the complex issues of human rights in the ASEAN legal order, a delicate subject. On the one hand, to the surprise of many, ASEAN took a huge step in setting the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights. On the other hand, ASEAN is an organization which includes, say, Myanmar, not exactly the bastion of human rights. So it is clear that the monograph would have a detailed legal and institutional analysis of the new structures and processes set up by ASEAN. But it is also politically rooted – both in legal realism terms: Is the ASEAN commitment no more than window dressing like some old Communist constitution? There would also be a deep discussion of the whole question of human rights in the political culture of Asia and ASEAN.

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Authors’ profiles: Tan Hsien-LiAlison Duxbury