Centre for International Law

Conference Papers and PowerPoint Presentations

15 November 2014 | Presentation by Dr Zhen Sun, CIL Research Fellow
“Mechanism under the 1988 SUA Convention for Combating Maritime Security Threats”
Presented at: Maritime Non-Traditional Security Challenges in Asia-Pacific: An Interdisciplinary and Transnational Dialogue on Reconstruction of Legal Order, Shanghai, China

3-5 September 2012 | Paper by CIL Director Robert Beckman & Sanjay Palakrishnan
“Regional Cooperation to Combat Piracy & International Maritime Crimes”
Conference on the Practices of the UNCLOS and the Resolution of South China Sea Disputes, Taiwan

4-6 April 2012 | Paper by CIL Director Robert Beckman
“Cooperation to Combat ‘Piracy’ in Southeast Asia”
Presented at: International Seminar on the Law of the Sea, Bandung, Indonesia

21-22 May 2010 | Paper by CIL Director Robert Beckman and Tara Davenport
“Enhancing Regional Cooperation on Piracy and Maritime Crimes”
Presented at: International Conference on Cooperation in Dealing with Non-Traditional Security Issues in the South China Sea: Seeking More Effective Means, Haikou, China