Centre for International Law

CIL Organised Events


2015 Singapore International Arbitration Academy (SIAA)
18-29 November 2015 | International Academy

The Treatment of Regulatory Change in Bilateral Investment Treaty Disputes: When Can Host States Change Their Minds? by Mr Thomas Sebastian, Barrister, Monckton Chambers
15 July 2015 | CIL Seminar Series

Modern Investment Treaty-Making Practice: Restatement, Elaboration and Transparency by Mr J Christopher Thomas QC
23 April 2015 | CIL Seminar Series

ISDS: (Mis)understanding State Consent by Mr. Toby Landau QC and Mr. Sam Wordsworth QC
1 April 2015 | NUS-SMU Public Lecture


WTO Crisis Averted? by Mr Evan Rogerson, Director, Agriculture and Commodities Division, WTO
16 December 2014 | CIL Distinguished Speaker Series

Arbitrating ICSID Cases
19 November 2014 | Course

2014 Singapore International Arbitration Academy (SIAA)
14-26 November 2014 | International Academy

Economic Sanctions and WTO Law by Mr Alan Yanovich, Senior Counsel, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
1 October 2014 | CIL Seminar Series

The Context, Legitimacy and Future of Anti-arbitration Injunctions in Investment Arbitration Dr Romesh Weeramantry, Foreign Legal Consultant, Clifford Chance
19 June 2014 | CIL Seminar Series

ASEAN Integration Through Law – Plenary and Course Development Workshop on the ASEAN Economic Community 
1 April 2014 | International Workshop


After Bali, What Next for the WTO Mr Keith Rockwell, Director, Information and External Relations Division, WTO
11 December 2013 | CIL Seminar Series

The 4th Annual Singapore International Investment Arbitration Conference
3 December 2013 | International Conference

2013 Singapore International Arbitration Academy (SIAA)
22 November-3 December 2013 | International Academy

CIL Conference on Transparency in the Trade System 
1 November 2013 | International Conference

Singapore Dialogue on the World Trading System 
30-31 October 2013 | International Conference

CIL Conference on Food Security and Trade 
29 October 2013 | International Conference

Launch of the World Investment Report 2013 
4 July 2013 | Launch

Emerging Issues and Challenges of the WTO by Mr Evan Rogerson, Director, Agriculture and Commodities Division, WTO
19 June 2013 | Distinguished Speaker Series

Public International Law and Sovereign Debt Restructuring by Prof Christoph G. Paulus, Professor of Law, Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin
26 March 2013 | CIL Seminar Series


2012 Singapore International Arbitration Academy (SIAA)
26 November-14 December 2012 | International Academy

The Enhanced Dispute Settlement Mechanism of ASEAN: A Discussion in Light of 2015 and of the WTO Experience by Paolo R. Vergano

The 3rd Annual Singapore International Investment Arbitration Conference
12 December 2013 | International Conference

22 November 2012 | CIL Seminar Series

SIEL 2012 – Biennial Conference of the Society of International Economic Law 
12-14 July 2012 | International Conference

Japan’s Investment Treaty Practice – The Scope and Function of Investment Treaties between Japan and ASEAN Countries by Dr Tomoko Ishikawa, Lawyer & Assistant Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study
3 May 2012 | CIL Seminar Series

The Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard: A Survey of Recent Developments in the Law by Christopher Thomas QC, Lawyer and Chartered Arbitrator
26 April 2012 | CIL Seminar Series

The In’s and Out’s of Investment Treaty Arbitration: Recent Developments in the Field by J Christopher Thomas, Q.C., Lawyer and Chartered Arbitrator
10 February 2012 | CIL Seminar Series

Non-Discrimination, Policy Space and Necessity Professor Giorgio Sacerdoti, Former WTO AB Member International and European Law, Bocconi University, Milan
3 February 2012 | CIL Distinguished Speaker Series

Dispute Settlement at the WTO and ICSID: A Functional Comparative Analysis 
1 February 2012 | CIL Distinguished Speaker Series


Investment Disputes in the Oil and Gas Sector: Their Implications for the ASEAN Region by Prof Peter Cameron, Director, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee
20 October 2011 | CIL Seminar

Launch of Singapore WTO Chair and hosting of WTO Policy Dialogue 
4-7 October 2011 | Launch & Dialogue

ICSID Investment Treaty Arbitration After 20 Years of Intense Use: Is there a need for greater institutional support, including appellate review of arbitral awards? by J Christopher Thomas QC
15 September 2011 | CIL Seminar

The (Non) Use of Treaty Object and Purpose in Intellectual Property Disputes in the WTO by Dr Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan, Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute
27 July 2011 | CIL Seminar Series

2nd Singapore Conference on International Investment Arbitration – International Investment Agreements (IIAs) and Financial Crises 
31 May 2011 | International Conference

Funds for Development: Structures and Governance of Multilateral Financial Development Institutions (MDFIs) by Mr Gerd Droesse, Lead Specialist, Institution and Coordination, Office of the Secretary, Asian Development Bank
25 April 2011 | CIL Seminar Series & Book Launch

3-day Executive Programme on Technical Training Course on International Investment Treaties 
14-16 March 2011 | CIL Executive Programme

International Investment Treaty Jurisprudence: Fragmentation and Consistency by Mr Chris Thomas QC
10 March 2011 | CIL Seminar Series

The Politics of Trade and Globalization and the Use of Trade Laws in Response by Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, Senior International Partner, WilmerHale
22 February 2011 | CIL Supported Seminar


Anti-Dumping Legislation Training Workshop 
30-31 August 2010 | Training Workshop

Climate Change and Trade Regimes: The Quest for Compatibility by Dr Patrick Low, Chief Economist, WTO
13 May 2010 | CIL Distinguished Speaker Series

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights under the TRIPs Agreement: The Case of Seizing Generic Pharmaceuticals in Transit by Prof Bryan Mercurio
6 May 2010 | CIL Seminar Series

International Intellectual Property Law as a (Sub)Discipline by Prof Bryan Mercurio
5 May 2010 | CIL Seminar Series

CIL thanked as Supporting Organisation of SIAF 2010 
22 January 2010

Conference on International Investment Arbitration 
20 January 2010 | International Conference

“What is Distinctive about WTO Litigation?” by Thomas Sebastian
19 January 2010 | CIL Seminar Series


3-day Executive Programme on The Conduct of International Economic Disputes 
11, 15, 18 September 2009 | Executive Programme

The New World of International Law by Christopher Thomas, QC
16 September 2009 | CIL Seminar Series

WTO Regional Trade Policy Course, NUS Singapore
30 June-1 July 2009