1 November 2017: CIL Participates in the Consultation on a Rules-Based ASEAN: Legal Instruments and Their Implementation

23/11/2017 no comments

CIL Senior Research Fellow Dr Hao Duy Phan was invited to moderate a session in the Consultation on ‘A Rules-Based ASEAN: Legal Instruments and their Implementation’ on 1–2 November 2017 in Singapore. The event was jointly organised by the ASEAN Secretariat and the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies with the support of the ASEAN-US Partnership for Good Governance, Equitable and Sustainable Development, and Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit. CIL Associate Director Ms Sharon Seah Li-Lian, CIL Research Fellow Ms Ranyta Yusran, CIL Research Associate Mr Hadyu Ikrami and CIL Postdoctoral Fellows Dr Heejin Kim and Dr Marija Jovanovic also participated in the consultation.