1 October 2020: CIL Nuclear Law and Policy Team Participates in OECD NEA’s Celebratory Expert Roundtable

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Senior Research Fellow Denise Cheong and Research Associate Nivedita S participated in OECD Nuclear Energy Agency’s (NEA) online expert roundtable on ‘International School of Nuclear Law: Hot topics, expert views’ on 1 October 2020. This three-hour roundtable was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the International School of Nuclear Law (ISNL), an annual course organised by the OECD NEA in co-operation with the University of Montpellier to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the legal issues relating to the safe, efficient and secure use of nuclear energy. The roundtable was comprised of four panel sessions on nuclear safety, licensing and permitting, security and safeguards and non-proliferation, and liability, trade and insurance. The challenges posed to legal regimes by new technology, such as small modular reactors, the lifetime extensions of ageing nuclear power plants and the Covid-19 pandemic, were common themes of the panel discussions. For a full list of speakers and their presentations, please click here.