12 September 2017: CIL Director Professor Lucy Reed Delivers John E.C. Brierley Memorial Lecture at McGill

27/09/2017 no comments

On 12 September 2017, CIL Director Professor Lucy Reed delivered the John E.C. Memorial Lecture at the McGill Faculty of Law in Montreal. The title of Lucy’s lecture was ‘International Dispute Resolution Courts: Retreat or Advance?’, and she focused on the recent progress of the Singapore International Commercial Court. Lucy was introduced by McGill Dean Robert Leckey and Mr Pierre-Olivier Savoie. Professor Fabien Gelinas and Mr Stephen Drymer of Woods led the discussion that followed the lecture.

John EC Brierley, who was Professor and Dean of Law at McGill, was a prominent figure in the discipline of comparative law internationally and a leading Canadian expert on arbitration. NUS Professor Gary Bell studied with Prof Brierley.

A copy of the lecture will be available on the CIL website following McGill’s publication.