15 November 2019: Nuclear Law and Policy Team Organises Closed-Door Seminar by Ms Helen Cook

20/11/2019 no comments

The CIL Nuclear Law and Policy team organised a closed-door breakfast seminar by Ms Helen Cook on ‘Lessons Learnt from the Olkiluoto 3 (Finland) and VC Summer (USA) Nuclear Projects’, which was held on 15 November 2019 at CIL. Ms Cook offered insights into the many ways a project can fail and the lessons that can and should be applied to future nuclear projects, including new technology such as small modular reactor technology. Ms Cook discussed how factors such as a lack of adequate human resource capacity and regulatory competence, changes in law and lack of detailed engineering designs can contribute to serious cost overruns and project delays, and explained the importance of addressing these factors early on in the project. Ms Cook also explored how projects that result in disputes between parties to the project and/or the insolvency of a project party have ultimately led to the failure of the project.

Ms Helen Cook is an independent consultant with expertise advising on both the structuring and establishment of the legal and regulatory infrastructure for civilian nuclear power programmes, and the strategic development and negotiation of commercial arrangements for new power plants. This event followed a public seminar on ‘Nuclear Energy for Australia?’ by Ms Cook on 14 November 2019.