20 January–24 January 2020: CIL Participates as Observer in 38th Session of UNCITRAL Working Group III, Vienna

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CIL participated as observer in the resumed 38th session of UNCITRAL Working Group III held in Vienna, Austria on 20– 24 January 2020. CIL was represented by Research Associate Professor (CIL) N Jansen Calamita, Head of CIL’s Investment Law and Policy Programme, and CIL Postdoctoral fellow Charalampos Giannakopoulos.

The Working Group brings together more than 200 government officials, UN officials and NGO representatives, with a mandate to identify concerns raised by the current mechanisms for resolving investor-State disputes, discuss the desirability of reform, and propose relevant solutions. During the resumed meeting in Vienna, discussions focussed on (i) the likely features and modalities of an appellate mechanism or a multilateral investment court to hear investment disputes; (ii) the possible sources and methods of financing such institutions; and (iii) the selection and appointment of adjudicators in a reformed system.

Research Associate Professor (CIL) Calamita and Dr Giannakopoulos contributed to the discussions by raising the question of enforcement of the awards produced by a possible appellate mechanism or a multilateral investment court, framing it against the existing legal framework, and presenting delegations with the associated challenges that would have to be overcome.