20 June 2020: Assistant Professor Tan Hsien-Li Speaks at International Conference Organised by Renmin University’s Human Rights Center

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Assistant Professor Tan Hsien-Li spoke at an international conference organised by Renmin University’s Human Rights Center on ‘Human Rights Protection under Law-based Pandemic Prevention and Control: The Role of Proportionality Principles’ on 20 June.

Assistant Professor Tan spoke on ‘From SARs to COVID-19: Reflections on ASEAN’s Collective Response to Public Health Crises’. Given that proportionality is a firm legal principle that has substantively different meanings in public law and public international law, and that the COVID-19 pandemic is still propelling different facets of governance, political, public health and legal strategies of containment, she discussed whether proportionality was a good tool with which to examine the ongoing phenomenon. Apart from the fact that proportionality has been rejected as a tool of judicial reasoning by some jurisdictions, socio-cultural contexts on law, politics and governance also differ widely on how proportionality might (or might not) be used.