29 July 2020: CIL Nuclear Law and Policy Team Attends Philippines Nuclear Energy Market Update

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The CIL Nuclear Law and Policy Team attended NBP Conversations: Philippines Nuclear Energy Market Update held on 29 July 2020 and hosted by Nuclear Business Platform, an industry-led platform. This webinar is part of a series of market updates related to nuclear energy developments in emerging markets. Pursuant to a presidential executive order passed last week, the Philippines has constituted a nuclear energy programme inter-agency committee to conduct a study for the adoption of a national position on a nuclear energy programme. Apart from  building new nuclear power plants, the Philippines is also considering the potential revival of its Bataan nuclear power plant as well as the deployment of small modular reactors. With the assistance of the International Atomic Energy Agency, work is being undertaken to develop legal and regulatory frameworks in accordance with international standards. Speakers included Mr Alfonso Cusi, Secretary of Energy, Department of Energy; Mr Gerardo Erguiza, Assistant Secretary, Department of Energy; and Dr Carlo Arcilla, Director, Philippines Nuclear Research Institute.