3 February 2021: CIL Director Dr Nilüfer Oral Spoke Alongside With CIL’s IAP Member Professor José E. Alvarez at the U.S.-Asia Law Institute Event “US-Asia Relations in the Biden Administration”

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The Trump presidency has had a consequential impact on the United States’ international relations and its role in international institutions. Hallmarks of President Trump’s Asia policy included labelling China as a hostile power, abandoning the Trans-Pacific Partnership, using trade sanctions even against allies such as Australia, Japan, and South Korea, and dallying with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Professors José E. Alvarez and Nilufer Oral discussed the impact Trump has had on U.S.-Asia relations and the constraints President Biden will face as he tries to strengthen ties with key Asian allies and partners while maintaining pressure on China.

A recording of the online event can be accessed at the link: https://usali.org/institute-news/event-recording-us-asia-relations-in-the-biden-administration