6 November 2017: CIL Senior Research Fellow Dr Ayelet Berman Participates in OECD’s ‘International Organizations Partnership for Effective International Rule-making’

23/11/2017 no comments

On 6 November 2017 the OECD’s Regulatory Policy Division’s ‘International Organizations Partnership for Effective International Rule-making’ convened a brainstorming session to discuss the partnership, bringing together the OECD, member states, international organisations and academics.

The partnership’s goal is to improve the quality, relevance and impact of international rule-making by international organisations. To advance these goals, the OECD has invited academics with in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of international rule-making, to collaborate with partnership. Dr Ayelet Berman has been invited to join this group of academics, called the ‘Academic Friends of the Partnership for Effective International Rulemaking’. She looks forward to contributing her knowledge and experience in fields such as informal international law-making, good regulatory practice, accountability and stakeholder engagement in international law-making.