7–8 April 2019: Senior Research Fellow Denise Cheong Presents at CSCAP Study Group and ASEAN Regional Forum

11/04/2019 no comments

Senior Research Fellow Denise Cheong presented at the Sixth Meeting of the CSCAP Study Group on Non-proliferation and Disarmament in the Asia-Pacific and the 11th ASEAN Regional Forum Inter-Sessional Meeting on Non-proliferation and Disarmament (as part of the CSCAP delegation) held on 7 and 8 April 2019 in Bali, Indonesia. On behalf of the ESI-CIL Nuclear Governance Project, she presented on the ‘Governance of Nuclear Energy—the ASEAN Approach’. This presentation discussed the role of the Southeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free-Zone Treaty as an intrinsic part of the approach; the relationship of the approach to international rules, standards and practices; and the importance of fundamental principles of ASEAN engagement in helping to shape the approach. This presentation was based on a review of relevant ASEAN instruments.