LinCEJ Seminar Series – Lincoln University Law School (UK) Lecture

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2 February 2022: CIL Director Dr NilĂĽfer Oral was Invited to Lecture at the LinCEJ Seminar Series of the Lincoln University Law School (UK) on Sea Level Rise and the Work of the International Law Commission

In 2019 the topic of Sea level rise in relation to international law was placed on the current work agenda of the United Nations International Law Commission. The Commission is a subsidiary body of the General Assembly with a mandate for the progressive development of international law and its codification. The work of the Commission covers three main topics: law of the sea, the protection of persons and the loss of statehood. In 2020, the Study Group published its First Issues Paper on the law of the sea. Discussions were held in 2021. The lecture provided an overview of how the topic of sea level rise was placed on the work programme of the Commission, including the role of States, the sub-topics to be covered and the possible future outcomes.