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e-Conference Series on ‘Covid-19′: A New Surveillance Era?

e-Conference Series on ‘Covid-19′: A New Surveillance Era?

29 July 2020, Wednesday, 9pm Singapore Time, via Zoom

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To combat the spread of COVID-19, governments are initiating or expanding the deployment of digital surveillance tools. Mobile phone data, tracking apps, QR scanning, drones, “robocops” and other digital tools are being used in an unprecedented manner to monitor the behavior of individuals and populations as a whole. While such tools may offer governments better mechanisms for controlling the pandemic, they also open the door for abuse, potentially threatening the human right to privacy and bringing in what Yuval Noah Harari terms “a new surveillance era.” This panel will address these extraordinary challenges, as well as the current legal frameworks and desired reforms.


Ayelet Berman (Introductory Remarks), CIL Senior Research Fellow
Simon Chesterman (Moderator), CIL Deputy Chairman and Dean, Faculty of Law, NUS
Benjamin Wong, Sheridan Fellow, Faculty of Law, NUS
Vivek Krishnamurthy
, Samuelson-Glushko Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa
Peggy Hicks
, Director, Thematic Engagement, Special Procedures, and Right to Development Division, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

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