CIL Regional Workshop on PSSAs in Southeast Asia: Trends and Prospects, 11–12 October 2017, Singapore

Welcome Speech by Professor Tommy Koh

Participation in this event is by invitation only.

About the workshop

The Centre for International Law at the National University of Singapore is organising a Regional Workshop on PSSAs in Southeast Asia: Trends and Prospects. PSSAs (Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas) are areas in need of protection from shipping due to ecological, socio-economic or scientific vulnerabilities, and are adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The objective of the Workshop is to discuss and analyse the four recent Southeast Asian proposals for PSSAs in the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. These recent proposals will be considered in light of the other PSSAs in the Asia Pacific: the Great Barrier Reef and the Jomard Entrance. The overriding objective of the Workshop is to consider the future prospects for the use of PSSAs in the Southeast Asian region, and to examine what role PSSAs may play in regional cooperation for the protection of the marine environment from shipping.

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