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Conference on Climate Change and Law of the Sea

CIL Conference on Climate Change and Law of the Sea

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The effects of climate change on the marine environment are numerous and deeply concerning. They include rising sea levels, warming ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, change in ocean circulation and deep ocean changes. These effects are having significant impacts on the marine environment, marine biological diversity and marine and maritime activities. They are predicted to increase in coming years; having markedly different regional impacts across the globe.

These developments were not anticipated during the establishment of the fundamentals of the legal framework to govern the oceans. Consequently, they pose unprecedented challenges for the law of the sea at the global as well as regional and local levels. Significant concern surrounds the ability of the law of the sea to deal with the threat of disappearing islands, effects on baselines and impacts on the marine environment including fisheries, coral reefs, and the deep ocean, for example.

This conference will bring together leading legal and scientific experts to discuss the impacts of climate change on ocean activities, the challenges they pose for existing law of the sea frameworks and how the law of the sea could be used to respond to these impacts and support mitigation or adaption measures. It will explore mechanisms through which the legal framework could address or be adapted to meet these needs. The potential role of regional cooperation mechanisms, emerging obligations, increased regulation, dispute settlement methods and new legal instruments in addressing these challenges will also be explored.

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Academics / Students S$400nett per participant
All Government Officials S$550nett per participant
Standard Rate S$750nett per participant


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