Webinar on Outer Space and International Law


21 January 2021, Thursday, 4pm – 5.30pm, Singapore Time, via Zoom

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The space era was launched in 1957 when the USSR famously launched Sputnik 1 setting off the race to space with the United States. Space was seen as part of the common interest of all countries and the province of mankind as first articulated in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty. Today, falling costs, new technologies, national ambitions, and a new generation of entrepreneurs promise a bold era of space development. However, this has led to concerns that space is becoming ever more like an extension of Earth – an arena for firms and private individuals, not just governments; and that its exploration and use is no longer being carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all States. The democratisation of space and the increased scale of space activities has also exacerbated the phenomena of space debris, creating new challenges relating to the sustainability of humankind’s activities in outer space.

This webinar, co-organised by the NUS Centre for International Law (CIL), Attorney-General’s Chambers of Singapore (AGC Singapore) and the EDB Office for Space Technology and Industry (OSTIn) will bring together acclaimed experts and explore the development of space law at the international and national levels.

Mr Peter HO, Chairman, Office for Space Technology and Industry (OSTIn) and Senior Advisor to the Centre for Strategic Futures

Dr Nilüfer ORAL, Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore

Professor Setsuko AOKI, Keio University Law School, Japan
Emeritus Professor Steven FREELAND, School of Law, Western Sydney University, Australia
Dr Gérardine GOH ESCOLAR, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
Mr Niklas HEDMAN, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)

PRESENATION SLIDES (in the order of the webinar)
The Context and Framework of International Space Law (pdf)
Global Governance of Outer Space Activities – Multilateralism and the Role of COPUOS (pdf)
National and Regional Approaches to the Management and Regulation of Outer Space Activities (pdf)
Current Trends in Space 4.0 and Their Legal and Regulatory Implications (pdf)