e-Conference: Investment and Dispute Settlement in Post COVID-19 World?

19/05/2020 with [119 views] no comments

Session 4 of 5 of CIL’s e-Conference series “COVID-19: A Challenge to the International Legal Order?”

This session discussed the challenges that the pandemic presents for states’ investment policies and their potential exposure to investment claims, as well as for the international arbitration community. The speakers emphasised the importance of investment facilitation to attract FDI and underscored the critical role of good regulatory practices and investment after care in an effort by states to safeguard against future investment claims. The speakers also addressed the changes that the pandemic has brought, and is likely to bring, in the way international dispute settlement is conducted.

Moderator: Ms Loretta Malintoppi (Counsel and Arbitrator, 39 Essex Chambers), Panelists: Ms Anna Novik (Head of Investment Division, OECD) Prof Jansen Calamita (Head, Investment Law & Policy, CIL) Ms Sylvie Tabet (General Counsel, Trade Law Bureau, Government of Canada) Dr Romesh Weeramantry (Head, International Dispute Resolution, CIL)

Recorded live on Zoom on 14 May 2020. Please note that connection issues during live recording resulted in a small degree of audio distortion.