eConference: International Trade and Investment Law in the Post-COVID-19 World?

15/05/2020 with [199 views] no comments

Session 3 of CIL’s e-Conference series on “COVID-19: A Challenge to the International Legal Order?”

This panel discussed how states, the WTO and regional cooperation arrangements can address a growing need for e-Commerce regulations and supply chain diversification, while ensuring the free flow of goods and services in the response to COVID-19. The speakers underscored the importance of transparency and international cooperation in responding to the crisis while addressing equitable access and sustainability concerns.

Moderator: Ms Mary Elizabeth Chelliah (MTI Singapore), Opening speaker: Singapore Deputy Attorney-General Lionel Yee, Panellists: Prof. Gabrielle Marceau (WTO), Tan Sri Dato’ Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria (APEC) and Mr Derek Loh (AGC Singapore).

Recorded live on Zoom on 13 May 2020.