Professor Antony Anghie Is Elected to Institut de Droit International

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Professor Antony Anghie, CIL Head of TRILA (Teaching and Researching International Law in Asia), was elected on 27 August 2019 as a member of the Institut de Droit International (Institute of International Law). The Institute is comprised of the world’s leading international lawyers, and considered the most authoritative academy of international law.

The Institut de Droit International was founded on 8 September 1873 at the Ghent Town Hall in Belgium. Eleven renowned international lawyers created an institution independent of any governmental influence that would be able to contribute to the development of international law and act so that it might be implemented. In 1904, the Institute was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, in recognition of its action in favour of arbitration among states, a peaceful means of settling disputes.

More information about the Institute and Professor Anghie’s appointment is available here.