Investment Treaties and Governance Project Concept Paper: An Investment Treaty Handbook for APEC Economies

  • N Jansen Calamita
  • NUS Centre for International Law Working Paper 19/04

  • 2019

This Concept Paper addresses some of the issues raised with respect to the development of an APEC Investment Treaty Handbook. The Paper proceeds as follows. Part 1 sets out the legal and governance challenges posed by investment treaties, giving rise to the need for a resource like the APEC Handbook. Part 2 addresses the policy implications of these challenges and the role that an investment treaty handbook can play in addressing them. Part 3 clarifies the goals of an APEC Handbook. Part 4 provides an international review of models of materials used by different economies to disseminate information about international obligations within government. Part 5 outlines a preliminary approach to the design of the APEC Handbook in light of the foregoing.

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