Navigational Restrictions within the New LOS Context

  • Edited by J Ashley Roach
  • Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

  • 2017

In 1986, Lewis M Alexander, a world-renowned marine geographer, prepared for the US Department of Defense a report, ‘Navigational Restrictions within the New LOS Context: Geographical Implications for the United States’.

Edited by J Ashley Roach, the reformatted report is presented in five sections and includes 20 maps, illustrating the world’s international straits and major ocean navigation routes. Forty-three tables present the most comprehensive descriptions of the world’s straits used for international navigation, as well as identify various categories of maritime claims. What made the Report extraordinarily valuable in 1986, and which makes it equally valuable today, is the compilation of geographic data—not available elsewhere—describing the world’s straits used for international navigation and illustrations of the chokepoints and major international shipping trade routes.

Roach has faithfully reproduced Alexander’s seminal work by retaining the original structure and references. A table of defined terms and an index have been added.

This book was launched by CIL in April 2017.

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