Rhodes Academy – ICPC Submarine Cables Writing Award

Each year, the International Cable Protection Committee (“ICPC”) sponsors the Rhodes Academy Submarine Cables Writing Award for a deserving paper on issues relating to submarine cables and their relationship with the law of the sea.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to) the protection of submarine cables from other human and natural risks (e.g., fishing, anchoring, seabed mining, and climate change), coastal state jurisdiction over submarine cables, environmental regulation of submarine cables (whether within or beyond national jurisdiction), submarine cable security, issues specific to submarine power cables, and the nature and sufficiency of existing treaties and national legislation pertaining to submarine cables.

The candidate who produces the best paper will be awarded EITHER:

  • Guaranteed admission and a full scholarship (covering the attendance fee, travel expenses, & shared hotel room) to the 2021 Rhodes Academy (subject to it taking place virtually or being deferred to 2022); OR
  • For a graduate of the Rhodes Academy Graduate from a prior year, a cash award of GBP 4,500.

The winner will also receive an invitation to present his or her paper at the next ICPC annual plenary meeting (with travel reimbursement).


The Rhodes Academy Submarine Cables Writing Award is open to:

  • Any person aspiring to attend the Rhodes Academy (the candidate must meet the admissions requirements); OR
  • A Rhodes Academy Graduate from a prior year.

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