Submarine Cables in the Sargasso Sea: Lessons for the Prep-Com

  • Tara Davenport and Zhen Sun
  • Legal Status of Submarine Cables, Pipelines and ABNJ, pp 115–184

    Hakan Karan, Sami Aksoy and Kubra Var Turk (eds)

    Ankara University Research Center of the Sea and Maritime Law

  • 2017

This chapter uses the interaction of submarine cables and the marine environment of the Sargasso Sea as an example to extrapolate useful lessons for both the negotiators of the new high seas agreement and the cable industry that can guide them in future discussions on the interaction between submarine cables and the new legal regime. The chapter is divided into four parts. Part I gives an overview on submarine cables, including their impact on the marine environment in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Part II examines the legal framework governing cable operations in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Part III discusses the ecological importance of the Sargasso Sea, as well as the cable operations that take place there, and summarizes the main conclusions of the Sargasso Sea Workshop. Lastly, Part IV sets out some useful lessons from the Sargasso Sea Workshop for the negotiations of a new high seas agreement.

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