Teaching and Researching International Law in Asia (TRILA) Project—2020 Report

  • Antony Anghie and JR Robert G Real
  • NUS Centre for International Law

  • 2020

This report comprehensively assesses the current state of the teaching and researching of international law in Asia (TRILA) in order to understand the needs and concerns of the teachers and scholars in the region. It is divided into two parts.

The first part reports the 2018 TRILA Singapore Conference, which
(1) created a forum for academics, especially junior academics in Asia, to meet, share their experiences, and network;
(2) discussed the challenges of teaching and research faced by these scholars;
(3) evaluated Asia’s experience in terms of global developments in teaching and research; and
(4) provided guidance on the writing and researching of international law.

The second part analyses the results of the 2018 survey, whose goal was to obtain a data-driven understanding and appreciation of the challenges and opportunities particular to both teaching and studying of international law. This report now serves as the foundation of a series of country-specific programmes that are part of the ‘TRILA on the Road’ project and other initiatives that are currently underway.

We also hope that this report will enable teachers in Asia to see their own situation from a broader and comparative perspective. International law teachers all over the world are rethinking the teaching of international law, and this report is intended to contribute to that larger discussion.


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