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SEA of Solutions, 11–14 Nov 2019—United Nations Headquarters, Bangkok, Thailand:

Session 1

State of the Science: How does scientific research support action to combat marine plastics in South East Asia?

Discussion of the methodology, scientific findings and policy recommendations of an ongoing investigation into the status of research on pollution from marine plastics in Southeast Asia conducted by a team of marine science and ocean, law and policy researchers from the National University of Singapore and coordinated by CIL. Available at https://cil.nus.edu.sg/publication/a-review-of-research-on-marine-plastics-in-southeast-asia-who-does-what


Chair: Youna Lyons, Centre for International Law, NUS

Speaker 1—Yuke Ling Tay, Centre for International Law, NUS : Marine Plastic Debris Science in Countries of East-Asian Seas – Scientific Findings [Link to presentation]

Speaker 2—Amanda Lin, Department of Biological Science, NUS : Marine Plastic Debris Science in Countries of East Asian Seas—An update and extension of NUS May 2019 Report [Link to presentation]

Discussant: Dr Wenxi Zhu, Head, Programme Specialist, IOC-WESTPAC

Session Summary [here]

Session 2

Governance framework to manage marine plastics in Southeast Asia: Recent Development and Way Forward

Discussion of the governance framework to manage marine plastics in Southeast Asia focussed on institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks needs taking into account at global, regional and domestic levels for solutions to marine plastic pollution to be successful. It also raised challenges faced at national level and from the perspective of the development of a circular economy.


Speaker 1—Dr Karen Raubenheimer, University of Wollongong: Global governance framework to combat pollution from marine plastics

Speaker 2—Dr Vu Hai Dang, CIL, NUS: Regional governance framework to combat pollution from marine plastics in Southeast Asia [Link to presentation]

Speaker 3—Dr Yegor Volavik, Coordinator, Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP): NOWPAP Experience: Governance of and Policy Response to Marine Litter and Plastics Pollution

Discussant 1 – Mr Kim Nong, Deputy Secretary General NCCMD and Deputy Director General GDANCP, Ministry of Environment, Cambodia: Governance frameworks to manage marine plastics Discussant 2 – Mr Vong Sok, Assistant Director, Head of Environmental Division, ASEAN Secretariat Discussant 3 – Dr Yasuhiko Hotta, Director, Principal Policy Analyst, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES): Towards better governance of marine plastic pollution and circular economy in East and Southeast Asia

Session Summary [here]  

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