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2009 ASEAN Petroleum Security Agreement

Short Title / Abbreviations

APSA (2009)

CIL Subject Classification
Date of Adoption 01/03/2009
Place of Adoption Cha-am, Thailand, 14th ASEAN Summit
Issued/Adopted by Foreign Ministers of ASEAN (except for the Thai Minister of Energy and Vietnamese Minister of Industry and Trade)
Dispute settlement provisions

“Article 6:

6.1 Any differences between the ASEAN Member States concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement or any arrangements arising therefrom shall, as far as possible, be settled amicably between those ASEAN Member States.

6.2 In case the consultation referred to in Article 6.1 fails to settle the dispute within a period of 30 days or a period agreed between those ASEAN Member States, the matter shall be settled in accordance with the ASEAN Protocol on Enhanced Dispute Settlement Mechanism signed in Vientiane Lao PDR on 29th November 2004.


Secretary-General of ASEAN


Annex – Mechanism for the Operationalisation of the Coordinated Emergency Response Measures

Entry Into Force Status In Force

ASEAN Secretariat

Date of Entry into Force


Entry into Force / Termination Provisions

“Article 7.3:

This Agreement shall enter into force on the thirtieth (30th) day after the deposit of the tenth (10th) Instrument of Ratification or Acceptance.”

ASEAN States (Source:

ASEAN Secretariat

as of 24/10/2019)
Brunei Darussalam Signature 01/03/2009
Ratification 12/03/2010
Cambodia Signature 01/03/2009
Acceptance 10/12/2012
Indonesia Signature 01/03/2009
Ratification 20/02/2013
Lao PDR Signature 01/03/2009
Ratification 21/10/2011
Malaysia Signature 01/03/2009
Ratification 12/01/2011
Myanmar Signature 01/03/2009
Ratification 11/11/2010
Philippines Signature 01/03/2009
Ratification 10/08/2011
Singapore Signature 01/03/2009
Ratification 01/10/2009
Thailand Signature 01/03/2009
Ratification 26/05/2010
Viet Nam Signature 01/03/2009
Acceptance 12/01/2010
Related Instruments
This instrument amends/supersedes

1986 ASEAN Petroleum Security Agreement

Related Instruments

1986 Agreement on ASEAN Energy Cooperation

1995 Protocol Amending the Agreement on ASEAN Energy Cooperation

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