CIL Oceans Team at 45th Annual Conference on Oceans Law and Policy: UNCLOS at 40, 16 – 18 March 2022

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CIL was a supporting organization of the 45th Annual Conference on Oceans Law and Policy ‘UNCLOS at 40’ organized and sponsored by the US Naval War College, Maritime Institute of Malaysia, World Maritime University and the Korean Maritime Institute and held on Zoom from 16th – 18 March 2022 (agenda). CIL organized a panel on ‘Emerging Challenges to 1982 UNCLOS and International Law,’ on 18 March 2022, which was moderated by the Head of the CIL Oceans Law and Policy Team, Emeritus Prof Robert Beckman. CIL Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Tara Davenport presented on ‘Intentional Interference with Submarine Cables: Time to Update the Law?”; Research Fellow, Dr. Dawoon Jung presented on ‘Crew Changes during a Global Health Pandemic: Lessons Learned from COVID-19; and CIL Research Associate Maria Pia Benosa presented on ‘Unmanned Ships and Maritime Security’.